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The characters are drawn quite well. Beast Boy looks very accurate to his cartoon appearance. The added blush effect is nice and subtle...

I've seen a LOT of different takes on Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons, let alone "Sue" skeleton recreations. Most resemble the Jurassic Par...

I have seen various pixel artworks before, but this one caught my eye! The level of detail on here alone captures both their movie coun...

Pros 1: Each of the dragons you drew are fairly accurate to their real world card/anime counterparts. Just your "Number 92: Heart-eartH...

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an Indoraptor vs Indominus rex
In celebration of the recent release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom into theaters, as well as the "Fallen Kingdom" free DLC for the Jurassic World Evolution game, I have made this wallpaper showing the two hybrids as female dino girls! 

On the left we have the Indominus rex, the hybrid star of the 1st Jurassic World.  She was the prototype for a military dinosaur meant to be used as a weapon of war.  Her contribution was her looks and abilities.  After her... demonstration of her powers after the Jurassic World events the new and improved hybrid monster was created.

Now I have not seen the movie, yet, but I plan to one day. Abilities listed are what I had heard of just before the 1st reviews for the movie appeared online.  I suspect that the Fallen Kingdom movie's Indoraptor is a prototype as well, but one that is MUCH closer to what the Military wanted:  a monster at a smaller size than Indominus (as this new terror can walk through human-sized doorways, something Indominus could never do without drawing attention), trainable, and extremely deadly!  Imagine the 'final product' of Indoraptor being used by any government organization against other targets.   If used for good Indoraptors would be great vs terrorist camps or other high danger enemy faction military bases.  In the wrong hands however.. *shudders*

The background is a screencap I found here… taken be someone else when I was browsing their the Jurassic World Evolution screencaps here…

A fight between the Indominus and Indoraptor can be seen here (video is not mine, but one I found at youtube)…

Also note, I put in the Attack (ATK) and Defense (DEF) for Indominus and Indoraptor as they are listed in their base/original forms from the Jurassic World: Evolution game (I say base forms as any dino in this game can be genetically modified and enhanced to be better than before.  The video link is the original forms of Indoraptor and Indominus).
JP1 Rexy vs JW Indominus rex!
As a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park 1 (released June 11, 1993), I made this wallpaper showing off my anthro JP1 Rexy vs my Anthro Indominus girl.   I also included my own evaluation of JP1 Rexy (aka Rexy in her prime) vs the Indominus rex.  If JW Rexy (who was 25 years old, so in T-rex terms that's an old woman) could thrash and really hurt Indominus rex in that second round of fighting, then JP1 Rexy could KO Indominus rex in the first round without help!

Long live my favorite dinosaur (both species in general and movie dino star) Rexy of Jurassic Park!!!!!!!
Regina the Giganoto---2018 remake
This artwork is a remake of… Although this anthro mutant Giganotosaurus girl is powerful enough to lift an adult T-rex and tossit with her jaws, she's slow with not as good of a hide as the Indominus rex.
Female Borg--BFG Powered
I must say that Omnivault created the original version of this absolutely amazing female Borg drone, which is viewable here…

All I did was colorize it and modify her Borg arm slightly to make it a weapon.  Can you imagine if the Borg assimilated the BFG 9000 from the DOOM universe?  They would not only utilize it for their drones, but also enhance it!!! The Federation is in SOOO MUCH trouble... unless this is a liberated Borg on a mission to help save the Federation (her backstory is up to you, though know that in my universe this the Roddenberry style Borg so NO Borg Queen please).

You know you're in trouble when you see her gun glow green and that energy starting to build (though at that point it's too late for her target).
Carnivores 1 and 2 T imperatrix vs T rex UPDATED
Many of you might remember the classic PC game 'Carnivores' 1 and 2, where the story is set on an alien world filled with dinosaur-like creatures.  This alien planet's Tyrannosaurus is so powerful that ONLY a shot at the eye will hurt and kill her... any where else is 100% immune to your attacks! Recently I did a 'speed test' to see how fast the Carnivores version of Tyrannosaurus moved (both walking and running speeds). 

Now in the game, for those that don't know, offers the player a binocular equipped with a distance (in feet) gauge for whatever animal is on your scope. I recorded myself playing the game in order to see how many seconds it took their Tyrannosaurus to walk x distance and later to reach me while running from x distance away.  I then converted the feet per second to mph to get my answer... and boy none of our Earth-based dinosaurs would EVER want to mess with (what I'm calling) Tyrannosaurus imperatrex.... aka the Tyrant Lizard Empress!!!

Her walking speed is 24.5 mph, while her running speed is 74.5 mph!!!

UPDATE: I learned two things about Carnivores 2 Tyrannosaurus. 1--If you had a huge amount of bullets one could bring down this monster without hitting the eyes. 2--The Sniper Rifle in game is a 1960s Dragunov, which is not nearly as powerful as modern ones. Thus modern bullets and artillery can hurt/bring down this Tyrannosaurus imperatrix.

PS: The only Tyrannosaurus I know of (well, heard plenty of) that can resist artillery and modern fire is "The Isle's" Hyperendocrin Tyrannus or Hyper Rex for short! This monster has a bite damage so many times more powerful than a normal Tyrannosaurus rex it's at the Megalodon bite force level!  Even Tyrannosaurus imperatrix here would fear this 'dinosaur from hell'.

The Carnivores cover art and in-game model belongs to Wizardworks, the two extremely good looking Tyrannosaurus side view models were NOT made by me but belongs to Herschel-Hoffmeyer (herschel-hoffmeyer.deviantart.…) with the artists permission.
Thus far I've tried at making a simple fan art of Tea Gardner as The Great Leviathan from yugioh, and each time I've not been satisfied with the work. I no longer have plans for a fanficiton (at this time), but will strive to make a better/more accurate full body artwork... one that I will be satisfied with.


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